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Dated: 13/04/2004



Sub: Filing of e-TDS returns - Clarifications regarding Form-24.

  1. Representations have been received from various banks, Chamber of Commerce etc., seeking clarifications in respect of e-TDS returns (Form 24) for TDS from Salaries where an employee had more than one employer/was posted at more than one employer/was posted at more than one place in a financial year.
  2. Section 192(2) of Income Tax Act, 1961 allows an employee who had had more than one employer in financial year to furnish details of his salaries and TDS from the first employer in form NO.12 B to the second employer for the purpose of deduction of correct tax at source by the second employer. The relevant provisions required that in such a case, the second employer may deduct tax at source at a lower rate and enclose a copy of form 12 B with his TDS returns.
  3. At present, in the TDS return for salary i.e. Form No.24, there is no column for furnishing of particulars of salary received/tax deducted by the previous employer. Previously, the deductors used to furnish these details as a footnote in the TDS return. However, this can not be done in electronic TDS return as data structure does not support provision of any footnote.
  4. The matter was referred to the CBDT. The CBDT has clarified that such problems can be resolved as under:-
    a. In cases of employees with more than one employer in a financial year, the deductor need to disclose only the salary paid and TDS made by him in the TDS return Form 24 being filed by him. In case this amounts to deduction at a lower rate, then he can mention the words "12B' in the Remarks column of form 24; and
    b. Enclose a copy of paper Form 12B along with paper control chart in Form 27A, which the deductor is required to file along with his e-TDS return.
  5. This is for your information.

Yours faithfully,
(S. S. Khan)
Director of Income-Tax (Systems)