3 Absence Management Challenges that SMEs Will Face in 2021
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Usually, absences and sick leaves were managed informally in small to medium enterprises as it was convenient for them since all employees worked in the same office. But since the beginning of the pandemic, employees are working from home making it challenging for firms to maintain accuracy and transparency when relying on these outdated processes.

Absence Management Challenges that SMEs Will Face in 2021

Continuing to manage workplace absences without making positive changes would cause managers to struggle leading to loss of valuable time and resources. But don’t fret. Let’s find out about the main challenges that SMEs are facing with absence management in 2021 and how you can effectively manage them:

#1 Time-wasting

Being a manager, you have to frequently create new documents, keep track of the back and forth of emails and let’s not even start with having to keep a tab on the most up to date file. It’s a nightmare.

Largely speaking, SMEs manage absences through outdated systems and spreadsheets which people have gotten used to over the years. It's comfortable. Familiar. There’s a sense of ease which comes with it highlighted with the phrase, “we’ve always done it this way."

However, this is not an efficient way of managing employee absences. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 employees or a 1000. Using outdated methods of absence management would result in loss of valuable time and resources.

#2 Informal requests

Primarily in SMEs, leaves are requested through informal channels like email, text or in-person. However, with the majority of the employee workforce working from home, walking up to your manager and letting them know you’re taking a day off, is not really doable anymore.

That leaves emails and text which isn’t really the best option as on an average a worker receives 121 texts or emails on any given day. The chances of your leave request getting lost in an overcrowded inbox or simply not deemed important enough to check are quite high.

#3 Lack of visibility

Your firm may suffer due to lack of visibility by relying on ancient absence management processes as you won’t know precisely which employee is on leave and who’s available. You might suffer from a staff shortage that may adversely impact the entire team, ending up costing your business.

Say for instance, you have a deadline to meet and a team of 10 is working on a critical project. What happens when one of those ten employees is on a leave? Would you be able to finish the project and deliver on time? You may or may not but one thing's for sure that the remaining team members would have to work extra hard for longer hours to cover up the loss of that team member which is not fair to them.

Getting Hold of the Best Solution

There are a lot of solutions in the market that can help you effectively manage employee absences so that the company can go on functioning at top capacity. One such solution is HR Pearls which offers a number of modules such as attendance management, employee database management, leave management, and more to stay on top of employee absences. It is a cloud-based solution through which you can remotely manage absences and ensure that your business does not suffer.

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