Can Accountants Still Deliver Great Client Service While Working Remotely
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Every professional, every organization be it big or small has had to undergo some level of difficulty while setting up work from home practices. The same is the case with accountants as well. They’ve had to maintain high productivity levels while working remotely due to the demands placed on them by their clientele.

After emerging from another lockdown back in June, businesses are hoping that things will pick up in the coming weeks and months. Let’s find out the kind of obstacles accountants may have to face to maintain their productivity levels while working from home:

  • Having to come up to speed with different screens and computers compared to their office that doesn’t operate the same way.

  • Problems communicating with clients and staff

  • Not being able to access important accountancy software solutions

  • Client data being vulnerable to cyber threats

To ensure accountants continue to deliver impeccable work, get hold of Web-Edge solution that enables your staff to enjoy the benefits of working from any location. Set up your office anywhere you want be it your home, cafe, or while you’re travelling.

Can Accountants Still Deliver Great Client Service While Working Remotely?

But that’s not all.

It is an all-inclusive office management system designed specifically for Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries that enables them to manage their teams; data as well automate their day-to-day operations easily and efficiently. Through Web-Edge you get access to a host of modules such as invoice generation, job allocation & tracking, Tally integration, recovery tracker, reimbursement management, resource cost analysis, attendance & leave management, and more. Wow!

Why is it important to be able to work well from anywhere in the long term?

With COVID 19 cases continuing to rise unabated, and lockdowns taking place across the country, it is hard to tell how long the pandemic will last. Businesses need long-term solutions to be able to counteract the effects of lockdowns and the pandemic.

With employee expectations having changed, most of them would demand flexible working in the future where they can split time between working at the office and home. Many accountants have already established their practices successfully working at home which is something organizations should consider doing as well.

To conclude

Working at home is the new normal. After an initial period of teething pains, accountants just like any other professional working in a firm, have come to grips with work at home through the use of some excellent remote desktop solutions available to them. So, the answer to the question, can accountants still deliver great client service while working remotely, is a resounding YES!

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