Digital Business Card | Why do you need a Virtual Business Card in 2023?
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Paper-based business cards are used as a staple for expanding business networks for the longest time. However, business communications have come a long way and have undergone a drastic digital transformation by the means of social media. One such product of virtualization is Digital Business Card.

This blog details a virtual business card and why an organization needs a digital business card in 2023.

What is a Virtual Business Card?

Digital business cards or virtual business cards are the electronic counterparts of conventional, paper-based business cards. These advanced virtual business cards can be shared easily over multiple networking channels and can be customized as per the specific needs of individuals or organizations.

As opposed to traditional business cards, a digital business card can contain a pool of information without space restriction and allow better accessibility with the help of clickable links and multimedia.

Why do you need a Digital Business Card?

Virtual business cards offer a range of advantages over conventional business cards and are a must-have for organizations to facilitate smooth online networking. But why do you need a digital business card in 2023?

Better Accessibility

A virtual business card is always accessible on your mobile, laptop, computer, and other devices, which makes accessibility easy and quick. You can easily share your digital business card with anyone at any time, over multiple devices and networking channels, making them highly accessible.

Cost Effective

Digital business cards are cost-effective, as they save you from printing costs. You can update your business card anytime, avoiding the paper wastage caused by re-printing business cards. In addition to that, your business card is accessible with a click, ensuring that the card never gets damaged or lost.

Interlinking & Redirection

With a virtual business card, you get clickable links to social media, websites, locations, and so on, enhancing the overall user experience. By enabling single-click access to information and resources, a virtual business card further enhances user experience and accessibility.

Professional Image

A digital business card is professional and appealing, making your business stand out. By the means of better customization options and no space restrictions, virtual business cards better reflect your brand image and enhance your business connection-building process.

Environment Friendly

If sustainability is the primary objective of your business, then a virtual business card is a great addition for you. With a digital business card, you can save yourself from meaningless print wastage and save the environment from the endless paper-based cards that go into the dump every day.

Why do you need a Digital Business Card?

Despite all the mentioned benefits of a virtual business card, there is still a debate about the need for a digital card over the traditional business card. Let us overview the challenges that a business can solve with a digital business card.

No limit on customization,

A traditional business card has limited space and customization options that restrict your creativity. On the flip side, virtual business cards enable complete customization without space restriction so that you can showcase your brand information completely and create an advanced virtual business card that truly reflects your business essence.

Save cost and avoid wastage,

Unlike a traditional business card that requires high print costs, a virtual business card requires a minimal investment to enjoy complete customization and limitless sharing without any additional overheads. Moreover, as against conventional cards that add up to paper waste, virtual business cards are sustainable and avoid waste.

Share your business card anytime, anywhere,

Enjoy contactless sharing of your business details online with a virtual business card. As opposed to paper-based business cards, a digital business card doesn’t require face-to-face contact and can be shared easily over any device.

Retainable and easy to access,

Paper-based business cards are at a high risk of getting lost or damaged, whereas a digital business card remains in the user’s device and is easy to access. Moreover, in the era of digitalization, a virtual business card stands out and emits a professional image.

Keep your information updated,

Misprinted information, data updation, or design changes on a traditional business card can be a costly affair and lengthy procedure. You can however save your precious bucks by switching to a digital business card that provides you with easy updating options.

What is the best Virtual Business Card for you?

Made up your mind to turn digital with a virtual business card? The first question that might pop into your head is choosing the best virtual business card for your business. All your worries end here because Webtel is here with MyBrand, a smart and affordable virtual business card.

Creating a Virtual Business Card has never been easier! Get your digital business card equipped with impressive rich content and unique template designs. Share your virtual business card anytime, from any location with MyBrand by Webtel.

Tap to Contact: Your clients can reach out to you with a click, just by tapping on the social media and contact icons on your digital business card.

Get Directions: Navigating your store through Google Maps is also made quick and easy for your customers with the help of a digital business card.

Unlimited Share: Share your virtual business card with anyone virtually with the easy and unlimited sharing feature offered by MyBrand.

Give us a call now at +91 7303393220 to get your doubts cleared and get your virtual business card.


  1. How to create a virtual business card?

  2. Creating a virtual business card is easy with Webtel. All you have to do is give us a call at +91 7303393220 and our executive will get in touch with you. Further, you can choose from various custom templates and get a virtual business card that fits your requirements.

  3. What information can the virtual business card contain?

  4. Your digital business card can contain all the basic information like your name, company’s name, contact number, email address, and so on. Additionally, you get the option to add clickable links to social media, google location, website links, portfolio links, clickable contact saving options, direct WhatsApp links, and so on.
    Furthermore, you can also add company details, images, product details, and so on, with little to no restriction on space.

  5. How to share a digital business card?

  6. Sharing the digital business card is possible from nearly any device and application. You can share your virtual business card as a web link or a QR code in a matter of clicks.

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