Unknown Facts About E-Invoicing In KSA
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The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) has mandated the footprints of e-invoicing to regulate businesses through the new compliance system. From now, it will be a mistake to consider scanned and photocopy of paper invoices as e-invoices.

The reason behind the move of e-invoicing in KSA is the transparent integration of crystal clear business data with the authority in a standardized way of reporting. The common machine-readable format of e-invoicing allows the government to stay updated about the transactions almost in real time. Thus, to be in line and meet the standards of the authority, it becomes important to keep an eye on each and every Unknown fact about e-Invoicing in KSA.

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Facts Aout KSA E-Invoicing

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Facts Checklist On E-Invoicing In KSA

The implementation of e-invoicing in KSA remarkably phased out the handwritten paper invoices, as all will get authentication at the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) portal to steer clear of all the fraudulent activities leading to the detection of fake invoices. Thus, here is the unknown facts checklist on e-invoicing in KSA to be well informed on the signification of e-invoicing in KSA:

  • There is a generation of a common database with more readily available information and lesser audit requirements.

  • It is done to bring uniformity and secure storage of the data of invoices.

  • E-invoice generation through systems compliant with Zakat Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) regulations, is a must for all taxpayers

  • There is no option to edit the e-invoice once generation through an online system.

  • In case of any changes in the original e-invoice, electronic notes, i.e., debit and credit can be issued but through the same e-invoicing system.

  • Besides being beneficial for the government, e-invoicing shall result in saving of time, money and effort for businesses.

  • It ensures the safest way of sending and receiving invoices with encryption in secure networks, digital signatures, and file transfer.

  • Real-time status of processing and delivery of documents either through cloud-based or direct ERP platforms.

  • Tracking of whether the whole document journey or the transactional history is automated to save manual time.

Therefore, it is the need of the hour to find a solution like Webtel’s e-invoice generation and integration solution to be compliant with e-invoicing requirements in KSA. This will help in painless digital transformation by getting business partners on board in your e-invoicing project and finding compatible standards and formats of e-invoice.

Your All In One E-Invoicing Solution

As Webtel’s e-invoice solution is an all-in-one e-invoicing solution providing different modes of generation and integration of e-invoices at your convenience to ensure hassle-free e-invoicing in KSA with seamless integration, bulk generation of UUID, data validation, cost-effectiveness, data security, and one-on-one assisting support team.

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