How to Keep your Applicant and Employee Data Secure
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An organization has access to a huge amount of data of their employees be it personal data or financial data. Apart from their current employees, each organization also do receive plenty of sensitive data during the hiring process. Lots of applications come pouring in and all of them have personal and crucial financial data. A slight mishandle or mismanagement can result in the misuse of these data. A lot of cases have been reported where company data gets leaked and are violated hampering both company and employee credibility. So let us have a look at how an organization can keep applicant and employee data secure.

Keep your Applicant & Employee Data Secure

Strategies to Keep your Applicant & Employee Data Secure

Strict Policies

The organization policies should be clear and transparent as to how much of the personal details will be collected and stored of their employees or recruiting candidates. Many times, this information is irrelevant but open to misuse. The company should also make sure that their employees know how their details would be used by the organization.

IT Security

Each data and information gathered by the company must be provided with the most secure and updated security measures. This could be a secure vault to regularly updated security passwords to even the latest software for information management. The measure must be taken to ensure that the sensitive data cannot be accessed by unwanted eyes.

Discard Data

Companies should make it a strict measure to discard and delete data and records of the employee who is no longer associated with them. This could be details of the rejected candidates in the hiring process or the data of the employees who have been terminated from the organization. Almost all of these data carry highly personal details which can be a target for misuse.

Email Protection

A lot of phishing and malware attacks comes from unsecured emails. A proper security system has to be in place to ensure this not happening. Along with a security system, proper training and monitoring of outgoing emails and even recruitment emails will help a secure flow of data.


The adoption of the most advanced and secure software solutions is the best way to tackle this problem. Go for software solutions like HR Pearls that not only helps you manage employee data and records but provide the optimum level of security too.


It is the responsibility of any organization to safeguard its employees. This could be physical safety as well as security in keeping your employee’s data safe from prying eyes. It only takes small steps but these steps are very important in ensuring a protective working space for your employees.

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