3 Reasons to Say Goodbye to Paper Based HR Processes
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Whether you're a HR professional or an owner of a small business taking care of people's processes, you don’t want to end up trapped in one location. But this is exactly what happens when you’re managing HR through paper-processes.

In the world of HR, you’re surrounded by documents. From internal employee records to workplace files to important company documents/files, if you’re still managing these on paper - you’d find yourself chained to your filing cabinet.

Before the pandemic hit with all its fury, when you were still working from your office, managing everything from one location wouldn’t have been troublesome or something to be concerned about. However, with the switch to remote working most employees went back to their hometowns. This is the right time to switch to digital from paper.

Reasons to Say Goodbye to Paper-Based HR Processes

Reasons to avoid paper-based payroll management

Let’s discuss the reasons why you need to ditch paper-based HR processes:

#1 Difficulty with Compliance

If you’re still using paper and operating in Europe, it’ll be difficult for you to comply with key regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). GDPR oversees requirements that your business must meet if it wishes to do business in the European Union. These are:

  • Drafting a clear data protection policy

  • Responding to data subject requests

  • Acquiring consent to collect data

If you still use paper processes, it’s more likely that you’ll struggle to meet GDPR requirements as it's quite difficult to track consent and find specific files when your files are scattered across the office. Not to mention the incredibly steep fine of up to €20 million or 4% of your total turnover due to non-compliance with the regulation.

#2 Crowding of physical workspace

Oftentimes, businesses underestimate how much paper they need. As one can guess, it doesn’t take long for your cabinets to fill up with HR documents. This is even more true for growing businesses as more employees are onboarded and a separate file has to be created for them.

With the ascent of COVID-19, you don’t want your home space becoming crammed with office documents. In addition, the excess amount of paper needed for HR processes is not particularly environmentally friendly.

#3 Lack of freedom and flexibility

Doing away with paper-based HR processes results in increased freedom and flexibility. Since remote working has become the norm since early 2019, it’s critical that you’re able to work from any location. It's projected that at least 1 quarter of the global workforce would be working from home permanently after the pandemic ends.

If you're still sticking with paper and filing cabinets, you’re stuck in one location. Moreover, if you go back to the office or continue to work remotely, you’d be forced to carry a huge number of documents with you. If you misplace any document or something untoward happens, you run the risk of facing an HR emergency.

Take for instance, something urgent has come up and you need to access an employee’s record but you’re unsure his employee file is with you at home or sitting in the office. Disaster!

To Summarize

By switching to a modern, cloud-based HR software such as HR Pearls you can access critical documents at any time, from any device provided you have a stable Internet connection. Along with this, you will also get access to several modules like attendance management, employee database management, leave management, company policy, shift management, HR reports and more. These will help you run your organization smoothly and seamlessly while eliminating your paper needs.

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