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Human Resource Management is the bridge that maintains the relationship between an organization and its employees, sturdy and efficient. A good HR team has access to the pulse of its organization. They can perceive the areas of strength and weakness and work towards using both in the achievement of company goals. So, what exactly comes under the HR jurisdiction? Let us look at the fundamentals of an HR team.

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Below are some basic aspects that come under the working of an HR team. It is on basis of these fundamentals that an HR team can pull through a synchronised work environment.

Recruitment & Selection

The basic task of any HR team is of course providing and hiring with the right skills for its organization. A lot of effort is focused on getting the recruitment process correct, therefore the basic aim remains to hire the right talent.

Performance Management

Just as hiring is essential, monitoring the efficiency of the workforce is also equally important. It is a major task holder for HR to have a regular check on the employee work strength, Task completions and regular performance reviews. These help to maintain the strongest team in perfect working symphony inside an organization. This is a very achievable feat if you use the perfect tool like HR Pearls which not only help assign tasks but monitor them also.

Learning and Development

Employee skills are what will bring the outcome for any organization. So, it is important to help build this skill and not let them be stagnant. A lot of HR campaigns are dedicated to learning and development programs for employees, so the organization can grow and adapt to the latest industry trends.

Succession Planning

This is more like a contingency plan in case any crucial member of the organization suddenly leaves the organization. HR team must be prepared to cover the gap left by the sudden employee vacancy to ensure that the workflow doesn’t get hampered.

Compensation and Benefits

HR team has the responsibility to ensure that each of the employees is provided with their deserved compensations as well as benefits. It is also their task to monitor the way a company benefits program is conducted and how effectively it is conducted. Use effective management tools like HR pearls which can track these compensation and benefit amounts for each of the employees within the organisation.

Human Resources Information Systems

They are a warehouse for information. So, an HR has to be efficient with their records to be able to analyse and tap on any data at any time for their employee. This efficiency will in turn help them to understand their workforce and their calibres much effectively.

How can we help in making HR Management Better?

There are several ways in which one can ensure the HR management is at its supreme working condition. Here are some points on how we can make HR Management Better -

  • Providing a safe and secure working environment for employees inside the organization.

  • Ensure rigorous but effective hiring process to have the best team.

  • Quality check of the hired team.

  • Create an unbiased platform for your workforce.

  • Transparent policies and approach towards employee helping them trust the organization better.


An HR team must perform the role of judge and executioner so that the result could be in benefit for both the employee and employer. A good organization can offer a challenging and safer working environment for its team and HR management is what creates that environment.

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