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  • Complete Office Management Tool
  • 100% Cloud-Based Solution
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  • Tally Integration
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Web-Edge is an ERP for professional firms that helps you and your team in managing day-to-day statutory and other activities that leads to the motivation & growth of both, employees as well for organization.

So, if you are a professional firm owner and have a dream to compete with Big 4 and other big CA firms, then Web-Edge is a top-notch solution for you that lets you become more systematic and focused.

Main Concerns of a Professional for efficient and effective running of a firm

Tracking of Ongoing Jobs

This is major concern of a professional that they want to track their ongoing tasks and get the report of work in progress. Professional want to ensure ONTIME COMPLIANCE of client's work.

Work Management

Employees are efficient but to organize their task is very important. If proper work allocation is not done, it results in duplication of efforts of the employees and owner is not able to keep a proper track of activities done by the employees.

Billing of Clients

Compliance is done on time but bill is never raised ON TIME. This results in revenue leakage as bill not raised on time might lead to non-recovery of many service charges.


Many a time an amount is spent by the firm on behalf of the client but the same is not recovered due to untimely billing.


Recovery of amount billed is a big task. Late billing results in late recovery. But to know how much is outstanding from which client is a tedious task and a professional is never hands on with this information.

Time spent on Particular client

How to bill a client, how much time an employee is spending on a particular client, all these challenges keep bothering a professional and he is not able to charge properly for each assignment.

If you also have any or each of the concerns mentioned above, then Webtel’s Web-Edge is the only solution for you that creates better system in your organisation.

Web-Edge is a complete office management tool that keeps you and your team on track. It is 100% cloud-based software that lets you access your regular office stuff anytime from anywhere.

Product Features

Attendance & Leave Management

Job Allocation

Job Tracking

Reimbursement Management

Invoice Generation

Tally Integration

Resource Cost Analysis

Recovery Tracker

Time Tracker of Articles/Employees

Document Manager

Appointment Manager

Capacity Planner

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