Team Webtel

Not the Work, But Performance is Counted

A power bank of new age professionals who are ready to reach up to sky is employed at Webtel. With the professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost & Management Accountants, And MBAs Webtel is a way ahead in the play.

The Webtel Family

We at Webtel are not just employees and colleagues, we are the Familyhere.

From The entry level employees to admin department, from admin department to Top level Board; the responsibilities and achievements goes like a growing tree. Spreading the harmonious relations, the company leads towards business thrive financially, Mentally and socially.

  • Human Resource is well managed here,
  • tackling with day to day challenges,
  • spreading the spirit of togetherness,
  • Nurture the abilities & inner strength,
  • And working with each other.

Webtel’s Endeavors that spread harmony among Webtel Family:

Webtel Cricket Team: Our Cricket Team well describes the fact- The family that plays together stays together.

Celebrations at Webtel: Celebrations full of Joy, happiness, enjoyment, on various festivals, Birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and other events puts in the harmony in better relations among employees.