Webtel Academy

(Academy for 'e' Accountants)

Webtel Academy

Webtel Academy is the education wing of Webtel Electrosoft private limited, webtel is an ISO, 9001-2008 Certified Company.

Webtel Academy is one of India's leading academies in the field of 'e' compliance. Earlier knowledge of Computerized Accounting was sufficient to get a job but now entire environment has become an 'e' environment and therefore knowledge of 'e' filing has become mandatory along with Computerized Accounting.

Webtel Academy started with a vision to create a new breed of professionals in the field of 'e' compliance, 'e' compliance has become an integral part of life of professional and corporate. In the transition phase from paper to electronic, there is a great demand of 'e' compliance experts.

At Webtel Academy our endeavor is to provide quality education, which will not only provide practical knowledge to the students but also help them getting the best job. We are one of India's fastest growing academy offering various 'e' filing courses such as 'e' filing of Income Tax , TDS , GST and ROC Returns etc.

Webtel Academy known for its academic excellence and corporate interface ensures that all its 'e' accountants are readily placed with its own clients.

We provide a diverse and challenging environment wherein our students can learn and grow and finally walk out to lead and inspire others.Our aim is to create corporate connoisseurs & prepare the student to manage and lead in an increasingly complex and dynamic business scenario.

The Academy is headed by a team of professionals from the field of finance, taxation, legal and software development. Our team of youngsters with unmatched expertise knows how to knock off 'T' from CAN'T and make everything possible and inculcate the same in our students.

Our Vision

Webtel Academy aims to provide an inspiring educational environment. Webtel Academy emphasizes on creating a diverse mindset to seek an opportunity in every problem. Webtel Academy is committed to : -

  • Create a new breed of 'e' experts and fill the gap between industry and job seekers.
  • Equip existing accounting professionals with power of 'e' and making them Complete Accountants.
  • Disseminate knowledge through active 'e' learning environment with a constant involvement of staff at the fore of discipline.

Webtel Faculty believes in offering a blend of practical exposure and theoretical knowledge. They develop critical thinking and independent learning abilities in the students. This is done by optimizing their intellectual expertise to create a great learning experience.

"To impart quality education, this will not only give knowledge but will also ensure a career, because every youth deserves a good career."

Courses Offered:

  • Income Tax
  • TDS
  • GST
  • ROC


Since 'e' filing has substituted manual filing everywhere an accountant who does not have its knowledge will find to difficult to survive.

A student who undergoes above courses will get Webtel certification as certified 'e' Accountant. Webtel Certification as certified 'e' Accountant. Webtel Certification will give you recognition in corporate world for being a qualified professional and will ensure that person has good knowledge and expertise in 'e' filing which will help you to get a good job.

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