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Organizations make exponential investments to establish enterprise software solutions. However, to achieve the software's benefits and attain the solution's real value, there is a need for SAP AMS to facilitate the maintenance and management of the SAP ERP solution.

Deciding how the enterprise solution will work, has a major role to play in determining the application’s total cost of ownership (TCO), risk, and end-user satisfaction. Moreover, the need for specific insights and robust operating methods to seamlessly enable the workflow cannot be neglected.

Application Management Services (AMS) for SAP enable the organization to align business objectives to the enterprise solution. With the help of the right resources, skill sets, and experience, SAP AMS provides assistance and support to the organization to unveil the SAP ERP to its complete potential.

What is SAP AMS?

SAP AMS is required post the implementation and hyper care stage to assist the IT department in resolving the complexities of the IT department by maintaining the existing SAP technology. By driving business value and providing the relevant expertise and skills in maintaining SAP ERP, the application management services for SAP help in cutting down on costs, reduce the risk associated with hit and trial errors, and respond to the dynamic needs and objectives of the organization.

SAP AMS providers follow a process-centric approach, based on industrial standards, and determine the structure and scope of AMS projects to meet the objectives, capabilities, and requirements of the organization. With the help of relevant and efficient technological assets and methodologies, SAP AMS backs the application support of SAP ERP for an organization. Moreover, it provides tailored maintenance and support services, specific to the industry and technology.

Why does your organization need SAP AMS?

SAP AMS adds speed, effectiveness, and cost efficiency to the organization by lining up a systematic approach to designing, implementing, and operating SAP technology for your business. Discussed below are the various benefits offered by SAP AMS to assist the consistent delivery and quality performance of SAP enterprise solutions.

  1. SAP AMS aligns the business values with the organization's overall objectives, roles, and responsibilities by identifying the scope for opportunities, value enhancement, execution, and evaluating the results.
  2. Organizations can enjoy risk reduction and efficient compliance management while focusing on their core objectives with the help of structured governance offered by SAP AMS.
  3. AMS for SAP simplifies and amplifies the designing process for application management processes by facilitating a quick transition for achieving stabilization.
  4. By analyzing the root cause of complexities and hardships, analyzing the ongoing trends, and making use of advanced tools and technologies, SAP AMS delivers optimization benefits to organizations.
  5. With the benefits of SAP AMS, the organization can enjoy cost-effective resource optimization and risk management while maintaining agility and giving way to innovation.

Why does your organization need SAP AMS?

The scope of SAP AMS projects is dependent on different factors such as the modules involved in the AMS project and the type of AMS project opted out by the organization.

Pay-by-the-ticket: It is a variable-price model where the payment is made based on the total number of hours worked by the AMS annually across the IT tickets received. The compensation in the case of a ticket-based SAP AMS project is based on labor hours, while the cost may be influenced by the module in question. Moreover, another additional factor that may influence the cost is the priority of the AMS project.

In the AMS project, the issue raised by the ticket can be classified based on the business criticality and be bifurcated based on the urgency or priority of the project, as elaborated below,

P1 or Priority 1: Project with a high urgency with a turn-around time between 4-24 hrs.
P2 or Priority 2:Projects with relatively less urgency as compared to P1, with a turn-around time between 24-48 hrs.
P3 or Priority 3: Projects with a mid-urgency having a turn-around time between 48-72 hrs.
P4 or Priority 4: Projects with a low-level urgency with a turnaround time of 3-5 business days.

Fix-Cost: A fixed-cost or fixed-price project is a single-sum contract where the compensation is estimated for the entirety of a year based on the conditions agreed upon at the time of agreement. Here, the service provider is accountable for the completion of a project within the amount agreed upon by the organization. This cost depends upon several factors such as the scope of the AMS project, the SAP modules in question, the technical specifications of the client, and so on.

How Webtel can help?

Webtel is your ideal SAP AMS partner, owing to the following benefits offered by Webtel’s AMS for SAP,

  1. Full-lifecycle management and seamless technology services for your business across core consultation and application management.
  2. Relevant capabilities and experience with added local market expertise.
  3. Master data management analytics and reporting solutions.
  4. Ability to integrate the commodity services aligned with high-value capabilities.
  5. Integrated industrial, technological, process-based, and full-lifecycle assets to formulate market strategies and client delivery.
  6. Measuring business and IT outcomes to cater to the unique needs of clients.
  7. Scalable speed, quality, agility, and risk efficiency benefits.
  8. Standardizing the market operating models, methods, tools, and processes.
  9. Business models that are unique to the clients.

Webtel offers full-lifecycle SAP application management services to provide management and maintenance of SAP throughout the duration of SAP for application optimization and innovation. Webtel’s SAP AMS leverages SAP specialization as per the industrial, technical, and functional standards to deliver the desired results to clients.

The SAP technologies supported by Webtel’s SAP AMS,

  1. SAP Finance (FI, CO)
  2. SAP Logistics (MM, SD, PM, EWM, QA)
  3. SAP Technical (ABAP, BC, HANA DB, S/4HANA)
  4. SAP Industry Solutions (Public Sector, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Utility, Telecom, Financial Services)

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