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Organizations are progressing towards digitalization to automate their business operations. Resultantly, SAP ERP management and consultation have turned into a requisite. Webtel has established itself as a leading SAP Implementation, AMS, and consultation provider with years of experience & expertise.

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Webtel offers a wide spectrum of SAP Services to organizations, ranging from implementation to migration

Step into the World of Transformation
With SAP Implementation by Webtel

From SAP Implementation to Enhancement and SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS), get expert assistance, consultation, and support at every step of your SAP ERP Management Journey with Webtel.

SAP Services empowered by team of experts

Team of Skilled Experts

Cost and time efficient SAP Services

Cost and Time Efficient

Ensured Data Security in SAP implementation and migration

Ensured Data Security

SAP Project Planning for implementation, management, and support

Project Planning
and Roadmapping

Webtel's team will relentlessly work with you to set up an efficient SAP Implementation roadmap for your business by defining your goals and business objectives.

Defining Scope and Framework of SAP Implementation

Framework and Scope
of Project

Webtel is a leading SAP MSP that will assist you in laying down the framework for the SAP Implementation process after understanding your business needs.

SAP Configuration with Ongoing Processes for reduced downtime

and Realization

As a trusted SAP Managed Service Provider (MSP), Webtel ensures the methodical configuration and realization for smooth SAP Implementation, as per the laid framework.

SAP Implementation Services for Business

SAP Implementation
and Support

Webtel offers seamless SAP Implementation and dedicated support following ASAP Methodology to ensure the smooth functioning of your SAP ERP System.

Empower your Digital Growth

With Application Management Support (SAP AMS)

Enjoy better innovation and management of your application lifecycles, at a reduced data risk with Webtel's reliable SAP Application Management Support Services. Our post-implementation support ensures the full utilization of your SAP application portfolio with enhanced capabilities and smooth functioning.

SAP Services to streamline business objectives

Streamlining Business Objectives

SAP Process streamlining for swift migration

Streamlining Business Objectives

Resource optimization enabled by SAP Services

Enhanced Resource Optimization

SAP AMS Delivery Models

SAP application management services and support

AMS Delivery Model

The on-site AMS model is best suited for complex SAP support projects. Here the client gets direct control of the project execution at the resource level.

SAP AMS delivery through off site deployment

AMS Delivery Model

An off-site delivery model for SAP projects offers flexibility to scale up the resources as per your business requirements, offering reduced infrastructure costs.

SAP AMS delivery through hybrid deployment

AMS Delivery Model

A hybrid SAP AMS delivery model gives the best of both worlds by offering communication and skills added to the flexibility and scalability of resources.

Accelerate Your Business Transformation

Migrate from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA with Webtel

By the year 2027, SAP has announced the termination of all the legacy ERP applications, making it necessary for organizations to migrate from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA. To avoid the risk of data loss and make a secure transition, Webtel is your reliable and trusted SAP Migration Service Provider.

SAP services with auto updation to leverage technology

Leverage Technology

Secure and Reliable SAP services

Ensure Security

Dedicated and end to end support services for SAP

Dedicated Support

What is the Need for SAP Migration?

From SAP Implementation to Enhancement and SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS), get expert assistance, consultation, and support at every step of your SAP ERP Management Journey with Webtel.

SAP Migration Approach


Webtel's SAP S/4HANA Implementation following the greenfield migration approach ensures successful SAP migration, following SAP standards and best practices. The greenfield migration approach is best suited for non-SAP users, SAP R/3, or SAP ERP 6.0 users.


The brownfield approach for SAP migration enables you to transfigure your existing or legacy SAP ERP system to SAP S/4HANA. Get rid of the complexities and challenges of SAP migration and upgrade your ERP now with Webtel's expert SAP S/4HANA migration services.

Make the most out of your SAP Landscape

For over two decades, Webtel has been one of the most trusted and efficient enterprise solution providers, offering SAP ERP Services and Integrated SAP Solutions, Business Intelligence Solutions, Business Emailing Solutions, and so on. By optimizing expertise, experience, and dedication, we work towards assisting organizations to grow and progress toward a digital era.

Reliable and Scalable SAP Support Services

Reliable and Scalable

At Webtel, your business gets SAP services and support that are 100% reliable and scalable. Along with this, we follow a flexible approach that allows you to scale up to your changing business needs.

Expert SAP Services powered by Expets

Powered with Expertise

Leverage the best out of SAP applications with Webtel. We empower your business processes with the experience of highly skilled SAP experts to back your SAP ERP management process.

Leverage and Grow your Business Environment with SAP Support Services and Enhancement

Leverage and Grow

With an end-to-end SAP support model and dedicated SAP consultation, you can focus on your core business capabilities, work on leveraging your business resources and leave the rest to us.

Years of Trust and Professional Expertise

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SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed by SAP AG that enables the smooth functioning of an organization with the help of various modules, such as finance, accounting, HR, and so on. With the help of SAP ERP, the organization can centralize its business processes through a unified database with an integrated environment.
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Unlike conventional data management setups, whereby data is stored and maintained in a segregated database, SAP centralizes the core operations of an organization. By providing an integrated environment to manage, store, and maintain data, SAP facilitates real-time insights across various departments of an organization and avoids duplication of data.

Yes, SAP ERP is secure. However, there are certain practices suggested when managing SAP ERP to avoid unauthorized access to data from both internal and external forces.

SAP FICO is a functional module of SAP ERP that facilitates the management of the financial data of an organization. SAP FICO allows the organization to store and manage financial transactions and enables companies to further analyze financial data with the help of reports and statements.

SAP ABAP is a high-level programming language that is used for SAP customizations. With the help of ABAP, organizations can customize the workflow of various modules of SAP as per their requirement.

Yes, Webtel offers successful implementation of SAP S/4HANA in addition to various other SAP ERP Solutions.

Yes, Webtel provides SAP Migration services from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA or any other SAP product.

SAP enhancement allows businesses to add or modify existing functionalities of SAP to meet their specific requirements without altering the core functionality of the SAP software.

Yes, Webtel offers SAP Upgradation as well as enhancement projects. To get more information,
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Yes, Webtel Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable and efficient SAP Consultant trusted by big brands.

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