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With the dynamic business situations, owing to evolving work processes, managing the SAP landscape can turn into a challenge. Webtel's suite of SAP Integrated ERP Solutions has you covered to cope with these challenges and successfully maintain the SAP environment.

Make your business processes smooth and efficient with Webtel's SAP Integrated compliance and enterprise solutions.

Agile and

Webtel's SAP Integrated ERP Solutions are agile and flexible to the individual requirements of any business.

Scalable and

Scale up the business solutions as per your needs with the cost-efficient business models of SAP ERP Solutions by Webtel.

and secure

Enjoy enhanced features and efficiency with guaranteed security. Our SAP Integrated Solutions ensure data safety.

Webtel's SAP Integrated ERP Solutions

With the assistance of SAP experts, we have put together a suite of efficient and secure SAP Integrated ERP Solutions that are 100% aligned with your business processes.

GST Compliance and Reconciliation

GST Compliance and Reconciliation Solution by Webtel is an SAP Integrated ERP for all your GST Compliance needs. Our GST Enterprise Solution automatically fetches data from any ERP and pushes the information to the government portal for meeting the compliances accordingly.

TDS/TCS Compliance and Reconciliation

Webtel's TDS/TCS Compliance and Reconciliation Solution is an advanced software for filing TDS/TCS returns, integrated with the TRACES website for filing returns, challans, and generating TDS/TCS certificates. Our integrated TDS Solution facilitates the preparation and e-filing of the TDS returns and correction statements with proper validations.

Quarterly Returns for
Unlimited Assesses

A complete TDS management and e-filing for Quarterly Returns in Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, and 27A.

Easy Backup and
Restoration of Data

Avoid data loss with easy backup, synchronization, and storage of data for quick data restoration.

Bulk PAN
Validation Facility

Validate multiple PAN for filing TDS and TCS Returns with Webtel's compliant TDS filing and reconciliation solution.

Bulk data upload
With Excel Utility

Accelerate the process of return filing by bulk uploading data from Excel with our SAP-integrated TDS ERP Solution.

Export of Various
Reports to Excel

Make the process of assessment and computation efficient by exporting Excel reports with a click.

Comparison of tax as per both salary regimes

Save costs by comparing and computing tax as per old and new tax regimes with the SAP-integrated ERP for TDS filing.

SAP Integrated
e-Invoicing Solution

Webtel's SAP Integrated e-Invoicing Software is an ASP/GSP solution to generate and share e-invoices as per the prescribed format of the government.

SAP Integrated
e-Way Bill Solution

The SAP Integrated e-Way Bill Solution by Webtel is the complete compliance solution to automate your e-way bill generation process.

ASP-GSP solution with seamless ERP integration

Built-in checks for auto-validation of data

Reduced cost of operations and procedural errors

Compliant and secure with real-time monitoring

Expert support team for end-to-end assistance

SAP Bulk 'e' Signer

A compliant and automated solution integrated with SAP that facilitates the signing of single or multiple pdf documents with a digital signature certificate.

SAP solutions

Compliant and Secure

Stay compliant with DSC issued by a Certifying Authority and ensure the authenticity of the digital signatures with our secure and compliant e-signing solution.

SAP solutions

Automated and Accurate

Scale up the business solutions as per your needs with the cost-efficient business models of SAP ERP Solutions by Webtel.

SAP solutions

Encrypted and Reliable

Enjoy enhanced features and efficiency with guaranteed security. Our SAP Integrated Solutions ensure data safety.

Vendor Payment Automation (VPA)

Automate your vendor payment process with a premium, SAP Integrated Vendor Payment Automation (VPA) solution by Webtel. Keep track of supplies and never miss out on payment dates and defaults with Webtel.

Vendor Onboarding

Make the vendor onboarding process easy and streamline vendor payments by adding automation to the vendor management process.

Vendor Relationships

Take complete control over the quality of supplier experience with the help of an integrated payment automation tool.

Payment Discounts

Take advantage of the early payment discounts offered by vendors by making timely payments with Webtel's Integrated VPA Tool.

Supply Payment

Centralize all your supply payment processes and access all the payment receipts and details in a centralized dashboard.

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