XBRL Software Update | Latest Version to Prepare & Validate XBRL Sheets


  • Update iconUpdate!
  • Revision Number iconRevision Number - 30.7
  • Release Date iconRelease Date: 21/05/2024

0 will be fetch automatically if certain values are present in CY or PY.

Load relevant textual information from previous year for maintaining books of account available.

Load data relevant textual information for Whether books of account and other books and papers are maintained on cloud.

Improvement in auto backup along with relevant comp code.

Alert pop-up message while saving of DIN, CIN and PAN if it is in invalid format.

Promote message in tables- for load data from previous year.

Promote message for load data in KMP, board report, financials signatory from Director's Master.

Note - No changes in taxonomy C&I 2016 (Non Ind AS) from MCA.

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XBRL Update

Note: With the Live Update facility, the software shall be automatically updated. However, in case of any problem, you can download update patch and update software as follows.

Steps to Update Software

download button or link

Click on the download button or link

Step 1

Updated Version

Click on 'Save' to Download the File of Updated Version

Step 2

Save the File

Click on 'Save' to Save the File

Step 3

web XBRL

Double click on downloaded file & then 'web e-XBRL.exe'

Step 4

Press Unzip

Press 'unzip' to update the software

Step 5

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Old Version Of Web-XBRL

Software Update Revision Number - 7.7

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