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Accurate and Compliant e-Invoicing Solution in Romania

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Generate e-Invoice/ e-Factura in XML UBL 2.1 Format

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e-Invoicing in Romania: Brief overview of RO e-Factura

e-Invoicing was implemented in Romania in 2022 on a voluntary basis. Starting from July 1, 2022, it became mandatory for suppliers to issue invoices in the RO e-Factura system for B2B transactions involving high-risk products, irrespective of whether the buyers were registered in the RO e-Invoice Registry.

These e-invoices needed to be generated in XML UBL 2.1 format. The e-invoices are ready and available for 60 days in the RO portal, after which, archiving needs to be done on the supplier and buyer side for 10 years.

By January 2024, generating invoices in electronic format for B2B and B2G transactions will be mandatory for all types of products.

How does Webtel's RO e-Factura Software Work?

Here is the process flow and integration structure of the standard and simplified e-Invoicing in Romania

Fast and Secure RO e-Invoicing Solution

Generate e-Invoices in just a few clicks with Webtel's fast and seamless RO e-factura generation software. With the help of our solution, you can get e-invoicing ready in just a few days and enjoy the fastest e-invoice generation.

Your data security is a top-notch priority for us. Our RO e-factura solution offers 100% data security with real-time monitoring and high-grade data encryption to ensure that your e-invoicing data is always protected.

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Ensure 100% Accuracy in e-Invoice Generation

Webtel's RO e-Invoicing solution offers multiple auto-validation of data to ensure 100% accuracy and compliance. Our e-invoicing solution for Romania facilitates data accuracy and seamless e-invoice generation.

By means of auto validation, our RO e-factura software for Romania reduces the amplitude of procedural errors, and hence, facilities reduce the cost of operations and manual efforts of data validation.

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What makes Webtel’s RO e-invoicing/e-factura Solution Better?

Here are the features that make us the best e-invoicing software provider in Romania.

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