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What is an SSL Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a public key certificate, used to prove the validity of the public key. It is a data file that cryptographically encrypts the linking of a web server and browser to ensure that the data transmission remains private.

In simple words, SSL certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which enhances website security. SSL Certificates are required by organizations to avoid the risk of hacking and cyber-attacks in online transactions, keep the internet connection secure and maintain the privacy of customer information.

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Why Does Your Business Need An SSL Certificate?

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Why Choose Webtel To Get An SSL Certificate?

2048-bit digital signatures and up to 256-bit encryption to ensure a high level of SSL security

Unlimited re-issuance policy of SSL certificate by Webtel.

Webtel's team of experts seamlessly integrates the SSL certificate into your business website.

Webtel implements RSA key authenticated SSL to ensure secure data transmission.

Webtel facilitates easy integration of SSL certificates into your product offerings.

With Webtel's SSL certificate, you can enjoy quick validation, fast issuance, and a hassle-free installation process.

Security seal on the website provided by SSL certificate invokes confidence amongst prospective clients and boosts website reach.

Webtel provides a range of SSL certificates that offer various upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Webtel's SSL certificate requires no monthly commitments.

End-to-end technical support by our team.

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SSL Certificates By Webtel At A Glance

Positive SSL

A positive SSL is a type of Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate. The positive SSL certificate by Webtel is ideal for websites that require basic-level validation and security or involve less confidentiality or privacy concerning the information. The Positive SSL by Webtel offers,

Unlimited server licensing

128/256-bit SSL encryption

2048-bit signatures

Quick and automated validation

Positive SSL Wildcard

A website hosting a huge number of subdomains uses positive SSL certificates for website security. Webtel's positive SSL wildcard SSL certificate offers

Online verification and validation of domain

Secure encryption for any number of subdomains corresponding to a single domain

Site seal to place anywhere on the website

Easy and quick installation

Positive SSL Multi-Domain

A positive SSL multi-domain certificate helps you to secure multiple websites by installing a single certificate. The positive SSL multi-domain SSL certificate by Webtel offers,

Online domain validation prior to the certificate issuance

Secure 100 unique domains

Unlimited server licensing

Site seal to place anywhere on the website

Organization Validation SSL

Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificate ensures the existence of the organization through rounds of validation and OV verification. The benefits offered by Webtel's SSL certificate are,

256-bit encryption

SSL visual indicator

Available in all types of SSL certificates

Easy to install


To get an SSL Certificate for your website, get in touch with us and our team will initiate the installation process after gaining relevant information. With Webtel, you don't have to worry about the installation, setup, downloading, or verification of the SSL Certificate as our team will provide you with dedicated support in each step.

SSL Certificate works by encrypting the data shared between a web browser and the server. When a browser attempts to connect with a secure website, the browser requests the web server's identity. On successful verification of a trusted SSL Certificate, the web server sends back an acknowledgment regarding SSL encrypted session.

The expiration date of the SSL Certificate varies, based on the type of product. If not set on auto-update, you will require to raise a request for a new SSL Certificate with Webtel and our executives will get in touch with you to carry forward the SSL Certificate updation process.

SSL Certificate ensures a safe internet connection and protects the web server from cyber-attacks and threats. Moreover, adding an SSL Certificate to your website enhances the trust of visitors to your website and keeps the browser protected.

Yes, you can migrate SSL Certificate to a new server. All you require is a copy of the certificate and the key for the domain.

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