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An Income Tax Return (ITR) is a form whereby a taxpayer has to file information related to income earned and taxes to be paid in a given financial year.

Taxpayers can file ITR 1 and ITR 4 on the Income Tax Portal by manually entering data. Alternatively, you can automate the ITR filing process and ensure accuracy with Web-e-Tax. Here is how you can file ITR with Web-e-Tax.


ITR-1 (Sahaj ITR): To be filed by resident individuals having total income up to Rs.50 lakhs. The sources of income shall be:

  • Salary/wages
  • Single House Property
  • Other sources (excluding winning income and income from horse races)
  • Agricultural income up to Rs.5000

This ITR cannot be filed by NRI. Click here to know more about ITR 1.

ITR-2: For Individuals and HUF having income other than business income and are not eligible to file ITR 1. The sources of income for ITR 2 shall include:

  • Salary/ pension
  • Multiple House property
  • Capital Gains
  • Other Sources (Including winning income and income from Race Horses)

Click here to know more about ITR 2.

ITR-3:For individuals and HUF having income for profits and gains from business and profession. The sources of income shall include:

  • Having income from running a business or practicing a profession
  • Income from house property, salary/pension, capital gain
  • Income from other sources

Click here to know more about ITR 3.

ITR-4: For individual, HUFs, and partnership firm (other than LLP) who opts to pay tax under the presumptive taxation scheme, having total business income computed as per section 44Ad or 44AE, or professional income computed as per section 44ADA.

Click here to know more about ITR-04.

ITR-5: For Partnership firms including LLP, AOP, BOI, Artificial judicial person, Estate of deceased, Business trust, and investment fund.

Click here to know more about ITR-05.

ITR-6: Return of income of the company other than the company's claiming exemption under section 11(income from property held under charitable or religious trust).

Click here to know more about ITR-06.

ITR-7: This ITR has to be filed by the following persons:

  • Every person in receipt of income derived from the property is held under a Charitable or religious trust.
  • By Political party whose income without giving effects of section 139A, exceeds the basic exemption limit not chargeable to tax.
  • By scientific research association
  • News Agency
  • Institution or association referred under section 10(23A), 10(23B)
  • By every university, college, which is not required to file any other return
  • Fund or institution other than education or medical purpose

Click here to know more about ITR-07.

You can file returns for two preceding years. This can be done by filing belated ITR.

A salaried individual can change the tax regime while filing returns. However, businesses and self-employed can choose tax regime only once.

ITR can be filed after the due date, subject to a penalty of Rs 5,000

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