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A Complete XBRL Software Solution

for the preparation & filing of Annual Reports in xbrl mode!

Web-XBRL is the ultimate solution for the conversion of Financial Statements into XBRL as per the Business Rules and XBRL Taxonomy.

Generate XBRL Instance Document as per MCA Taxonomy

Import Data from XML of any vendor

XBRL Conversion for financials complying with IND-AS as well as C&I Taxonomy

Auto fetching most of the information-related credentials.

Colour-wise Matching & Error Differentiation of Notes and Schedules

Convert Financial Statements into XBRL

Why Choose Webtel's XBRL Software?

How Does Web XBRL Work

Web XBRL integration

Prepare Compliant and Accurate XBRL Reports

Mapping Tagging Utility in XBRL Software

Mapping/ Tagging Utility

Web-XBRL facilitates the easy mapping/tagging utility to financial & non-financial data i.e. Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Auditors' reports, Directors' Reports, Notes, etc., and Financial Data for C.Y. & P.Y. as per MCA Taxonomy

Advanced Validator for XBRL Filing

Advanced Validator

Webtel's XBRL Software ensures accuracy in preparing XBRL reports by using in-built validations of XBRL Instance Document through the MCA Validation Tool from the software to prevent data entry errors.

User Friendly Interface of XBRL Software

User-Friendly Interface

Web-XBRL has a user-friendly interface to input last year's annual report information against XBRL tags. The 'On Document' tagging feature allows seamless tagging of scattered facts and text blocks in the document.

Save Yourself from Errors

Errors in XBRL files can prove to be very costly. Webtel's XBRL Filing Software, through its in-built utility, easily finds out & locates a mandatory list of errors before validation and ensures its accuracy to prevent errors.

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Prepare Cost-XBRL Reports easily with Webtel

Is your business eligible for Cost-XBRL Reports too? If yes, then implement Webtel's Cost XBRL Solution in your Organization to convert Cost Audit Reports & Compliance Reports into XBRL Mode in a much better and faster way.

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Webtel XBRL Software Recognitions

Webtels XBRL Solution, Web-XBRL, is the product of pride that has given us valuable recognition from MCA, ICAI, ICSI, and other such authorities.

MCA guidlines for XBRL Reporting
ICAI Affiliated for XBRL Filing
ICSI Affiliated for XBRL Filing

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XBRL is an electronic language for businesses and financial data for business reporting. XBRL Filing is an XML standard for tagging businesses and reports to increase the transparency and accessibility of business information.
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Quality tagging in XBRL is to ensure that the XBRL format of the business contains the same financial information as the traditional financial statements. Know more about quality tagging in XBRL

Yes, you can outsource XBRL with Webtel. Visit: to know more.

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