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GST was introduced in July 2017 to replace most indirect taxes previously imposed on goods and services. Due to frequent changes, notifications, and updates in GST, physical books have largely become redundant. To tide over the challenges of a physical book, Webtel has launched the first of its kind digital GST Book.

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Our GST e-Book is updated on a regular basis so that you do not have to look to multiple sources to update your knowledge.

Our GST e-Book contains all the relevant chapters like a physical book, duly updated.

GST notifications and circulars have been provided at the relevant places in the digital GST Book with hyperlinks to access the same.

The online GST Book contains not just theory but practical aspects also which are more relevant in day-to-day life.

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GST e-Book

Complete GST

GST e-Book

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GST e-Book


GST e-Book


Your Complete GST Guide

GST or Goods and Service Tax is an indirect tax that was introduced in July 2017 as a comprehensive indirect taxation system, levied on the supply of goods and services. It replaced various indirect taxes in India such as VAT, Excise, Service Tax, etc.

An in-depth understanding of GST is a staple for those involved in accounting, taxation, or financial management, regardless of the industry or size of the business. Webtel's GST e-Book is for everyone, be it CA, Lawyers, tudents, Corporates, Professionals, Accountants, and others. Our e-book on GST oers extensive features for quick access and easy learning of the GST Act.

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Step Towards Digital Learning

Webtel's GST e-Book enables you to move towards digital learning and optimize virtual resources to the fullest. Our digital GST Book offers a range of extensive features and a bank of resourceful knowledge put together by experts to enhance your learning experience.

Expert Knowledge and Industrial Insights

Webtel is an industry expert for over 20 years, giving you practical knowledge and industrial insights rather than imparting only theoretical information. Our team of experts has carefully curated and integrated the information, covering every aspect of GST, such as GST Returns, Input Tax Credit, GST Audit, Advance Ruling, and so on With a large pool of information and resources to study from and simplified detailing of topics, our online GST Book has every resource you need in just one click.

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Digitalization, The Future of Learning

Traditional GST books can be too textual and monotonous, making the learning experience boring. GST e-Book by Webtel is equipped with utility tools, infographics, and diagrams for better understanding.

Further, the experience of the user is enhanced with the help of expert videos and user manuals for every topic. With the help of visual explanations and video resources, the retention of users also increases, besides improved interaction.

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Inter-Connecting Resources for Enhanced Learning

With Webtel's Digital Book on GST, you get quick interlinks for better study of any topic

All GST circulars and notifications are available at the right place of requirements so that you can easily get the details without wasting time.

A sequence of GST notifications and section references including amended and omitted are available in just one click with our Online GST Book.

A sequence of GST notifications and section references including amended and omitted are available in just one click with our Online GST Book.

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